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Inflammation Relief and Pain Management Program



This Energy boosting Spa therapy helps to reduce muscle pain, Stiffness, balances body and aids in relieving mental and physical stresses on your muscles and mind.


7, 14, 21 or 28-day Programs


Embrace a natural path to bid farewell to inflammation, a critical factor linked to a myriad array of health issues including arthritis, sciatica, and general swelling. It's important to recognize that inflammation can impact not just physical well-being but mental health as well.

Ayurveda approaches inflammation by targeting its root cause with a blend of anti-inflammatory herbs and therapeutic treatments. Our consultants will guide you through lifestyle changes and tailor a yoga regimen that's meant to be integrated into your daily routine post-retreat for lasting benefits.

​Through our program, learn how to mitigate inflammation and manage pain, paving the way for a balanced body and mind.

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