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Ayurveda Detox Program



This Energy boosting Spa therapy helps to reduce muscle pain, Stiffness, balances body and aids in relieving mental and physical stresses on your muscles and mind.


7, 14, 21 or 28-day Programs


In today's world, our unhealthy lifestyles, environmental pollution, and stress can lead to the accumulation of toxins, impeding our body's natural functions. Ayurveda offers a solution through detoxification therapies designed to expel these impurities from both body and mind. We offer condensed detox sessions that span 3, 5, or 7 days, tailored to fit busy schedules while delivering profound purification.

Our comprehensive program includes:

  • An initial consultation to tailor the detox to your needs.
  • A series of Ayurvedic treatments, each lasting 120 minutes, customized to your body's constitution.
  • Daily Yoga sessions to complement the detoxification process.
  • A special Ayurvedic menu, with dishes thoughtfully prepared for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Healing herbal juices and teas throughout the day.
  • Personalized yoga practices to enhance your detox journey.

Together, these elements work in harmony to cleanse, rejuvenate, and restore equilibrium, offering a respite and a reset for your system.

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